What Makes Baja Palapas Different

Beginning with the main post, Baja Palapas individually selects peeled dried cedar tree poles. The poles are made from actual cedar trunks that retain their branch stumps. Each of them are chosen for their individual character, and like the tree they came from, they are larger in circumference at the base, gently tapering to the top. Cedar is naturally resistant to rot and insect infestation. Unlike mass produced palapas that use machine turned, chemically pressure treated, cookie cutter poles, that are inexpensive to buy and easy to build from, each of Baja Palapas post are uniquely different, no two are the same, just like the trees they come from. Our post is larger in diameter than those used by most manufacturers that commonly use poles that are turned to a uniform six inches vs. our 8” -10” posts.

Hand Peeled Rafters

Like the main pole, our rafters are individually selected hand peeled lodge poles. Each rafter is unique, varying in natural appearance. Once again they are substantially larger in diameter (usually 2 ½-3”) and many have a taper. Compare this with the mass produced palapas that use 11/2” poles, the same type that are commonly used for closet poles. We use 8 main rafters, and add 8 more intermediate ½ rafters. By adding these supportive rafters thatch sag that is common to mass produced palapas is eliminated. Your Baja Palapa will retain its structural integrity and beauty long after our cheaper counterparts have failed.

Built One At A Time

Because of the distinct characteristics of our product, we build them one at a time. Each individual palapa is specifically fitted to the pole being utilized.